Home Inspection Reviews

Rock Solid Home Inspections is beyond knowledgeable, professional and extremely passionate about their work. They take their time to walk you through the process to ensure you understand everything. They are available to answer any questions outside of the inspection. They are leading experts in the industry and I highly recommend them.

Lisa Sly

As first-time homeowners, we learned so much from Patrick during our home inspection. He pointed out things that we wouldn't even know to ask about and gave many valuable recommendations for how to maintain the property. It was overall a very enjoyable and informative experience that I would recommend to all first-time homebuyers. We are feeling much more confident about moving into our new home following Patrick's findings and suggestions.

Alex Terrana

We are lucky to still have honest professionals 🙂 Let’s start of with Patrick.. He was answering my questions over the weekend within mins and got me a home inspection with Inspector Telmo booked for Monday evening.. Inspector Telmo had arrived early and had already inspected the roof by the time I got there.. Then he spent a quite a while inspecting the crawl space of the house - which is probably the least pleasant place you want to be. Inside he went through basically every inch of house... Found every big and small issue.. Including finding very important defects missed previously! He was very patient and took time to explain everything to me as a First Time Homebuyer.. Lastly, a very detailed report with photos was sent the same night as the inspection! We need more stars for this company and Inspector Telmo:)Thank you Rock Solid Home Inspections!

Saif Shah

These guys are amazing! We had our home inspection done by Pat. He is very knowledgeable and will answer any questions you have. He went above and beyond what is expected of a home inspection! He walks you through everything and explains thoroughly so that you know how to maintain and know what to look out for once you move in! This company is fantastic and it really does show that they care for their customers, I would recommend them to everyone! Thank you Rock Solid Home Inspections!

Jessica Malada

I highly recommend Rock Solid Home Inspections. Patrick and Spencer were very diligent and offered helpful insights throughout the entire home inspection process. I learned a lot!

Brittany Marie

Was a great pleasure to work with Pat at Rock Solid Home Inspections on my recent new home purchase! As a first time buyer, I didn’t know what to expect out of a home inspection and was a little anxious. Pat went above and beyond, and made the inspection a fun and educational experience. Not only was Pat completely thorough in all aspects of the inspection (interior, exterior, attic, electrical, HVAC, etc.), but explained everything he was doing along the way, educating me on different aspects of the home, the different equipment he used and the significance of the tests he was conducting, as well as gave a bunch of tips and tricks for further ongoing maintenance. Pat doesn’t just complete the inspection, he allows and encourages you to be an active part of it, and adds so much value to the process. Following the inspection I promptly received a complete and detailed report with numerous photos documenting the process and any issues that were found. Would gladly recommend Pat and Rock Solid Home Inspections, A+!!!

Anthony C